Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Short stay in Okinawa

This past week I had the experience of a lifetime, I traveled to Okinawa, Japan. I had previously visited the mainland of Japan in January so i had an idea that the southern island would be different from the main island.Okinawa is a very beautiful place with awesome beaches, great sunshine, and wonderful people. Originally, i was suppose to be there for a month taking intense Japanese courses to improve my speaking ability and also interning at a junior college in Naha. Unfortunately, the trip was cut short but during my time there, i met new people that i will forever have a friendship with and also gained more confidence speaking Japanese. There is nothing more impressive than having an American speak Japanese to a native. I enjoyed every second even through the turn of events. I had a ton of fun teaching and making new friends at Gaigo and also walking around Okinawa and experiencing what it is really like to be a native. One very cool thing i got to experience was my first professional soccer game. "Do as the Okinawans do." This is one experience i will NEVER forget. Studying abroad exposes a lot about your character and your willingness to adjust to someone else culture and accepting it such as stepping outside your comfort zone by trying to interact with natives, trying new dishes, and navigating on your own. Below are a few photos that recap my trip. Also i do plan to go back in the future to finish what i started! Enjoy :) Xx